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The Best Image Format for a Fast Page Speed


How do you boost your e-commerce traffic and make more sales with Fast Page Speed?

In this present digital era, for any online business especially e-commerce, the success of many businesses is not only dependent on the type of products on the website, the content inside, the number of people visiting the online store, but also on the experience we can offer to the visitors or potential customers. Now, we live in a world where people have a lot of things to do with very little time, so in a very fast way, we need to show our customers what they are looking for. It may be annoying to get trapped in the slow page speed of an online store. This is why some online stores are not getting traffic as expected.

Rank Higher on Google

So, if you have huge images, that take a lot of time to load, your customers or visitors will run away from your website. That means a high bounce rate or the people run away from the web without converting.

Huge file size make that your customers run away fron your web

There is not only one fact, but one of the most important things that slow your page speed down is how big and heavy are the images from your website. It becomes an essential thing to know the size and format of the image to upload on your e-commerce website. There are good news because you can choose any picture while you convert it to the best format that suits your website best, with a reduction in the size of the image while the quality remains intact. The typical phrase "less is more" has never been better applied.

The lighter your images, the faster your website, so that means that your sales and traffic will grow.

With lighter images your website speed goes faster

Which image format is best for a Fast page Speed on your web?

Since there are different types of image formats, which format will work best for your e-commerce website to load fast at a click? WebP is an up-to-the-minute image format and was created years ago by Google. The Google King wants us to use WebP on our sites. Why? It provides A-one lossless and lossy compression for images on the web. In fact, not only will this format make your page speed faster, but it also makes the job easier for web developers and webmasters creating or maintaining your website. WebP is the Rockstar among other formats. But you can read more about image optimization on this other blog post.

It’s essential to know every image format has different purposes. PNG format in its uniqueness, it’s also a lossless compression file format best for storing line drawings, text, and iconic graphics at small file size. JPG, on the other hand, it's also a good image format which is lossy file format, unlike PNG format. This is actually best for storing photographs at a smaller size while JPEG format is for photographs and realistic images. Truth, all formats are good and useful but when it comes to e-commerce business, WebP is the go-to image format to make your web pages load faster seamlessly.

WebP is the King

WebP images won’t only make your website pages a topnotch when it comes to page speed but will also give your visitors/customers some level of professional service. This is more like two in one has it provides both lossless and lossy compression for images on your e-commerce website. WebP lossless images are 26% smaller in size compared to PNG while the WebP lossy images are about 25 – 34% smaller than JPEG images. Reference

WebP format is the King

Another essential thing to know is that the display of an image with any format is reliant on the browser on the user’s PC or gadget. Safari browser is not a fan of almighty webP but it’s the best image format on Edge and Chrome browser. So, which image format should I use? Well, this depends on the browser support but it’s a wise choice to go for webP format if you have an e-commerce website.

How to know the improvement opportunities that your website has?

If indeed you want to boost sales by improving the page speed, we recommend you change the format you are using on your web to WebP. It combines the lineaments of all other image formats making it eminent. To nail it all without much ado, run a test with Piio (Faster load times and improved SEO through image optimization). Take your e-commerce business to a higher level with just a click on

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