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The Art of Resizing Images, without losing Quality


For what should I use a Resize Image Tool?

In the early stage of the world Wide Web conception, the only content that virtually all the tech-inclined persons understand was text. Even today, several individuals still consider the text as the only available content. However, with the advancement in technology and upsurge growth in search engines, the term content has evolved to include rich media such as images, videos, and pdf. So, we are going to learn how to resize images, but without Losing Quality.

In today's competitive world, there’s a need to deeply explore and tap every opportunity that is available so that you can have an edge of your competitors. It’s now very common to see blended search results comprising of text, images, videos, and other features together. As a result, you cannot just ignore images if you own a business.

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Free Stock Images, Yes or No?

The images from all Free stock images websites like Pixabay, Pexels, Unplash are always in high resolution, very heavy but unfortunately, most web designers and digital marketers use these heavy images directly on their website, thereby making it becoming extremely lazy while loading. They also Adjust image sizing, which results in the loss of image resolution.

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For example, the images we used in this post were very heavy (5320 × 3073 px) for a blog post. So we download from a Free stock image website and resize them with It's a free online tool and it will never compromise on image quality; you can resize and crop thousands of images at once. We invite you to read this article about which the Best Image Format your Website. You don’t need to be a professional graphics designer; the process is very seamless. Simple- drag and drop.

Resizing Images

Resize and compress images is easy and there are plenty of free online tools. One we recommend is because of the simplicity and compressing formats it has. You can resize and compress all the images you want at once. Sound cool, or? And it's very easy to use. These are the three steps to use it!

Step by Step

You MUST offer Fast Image Delivery

Internet users are extremely impatient because of the relationship that exists between smartphone devices and the level of productivity in any business. Visitors get very frustrated whenever a website or web app works slowly. That is why it is highly important and advised to optimize images for the web. Image optimization is the perfect solution the tech world is waiting for, to eradicate the annoying problem that comes with a combination of rich media with a text while improving the speed of the website.

What does image optimization mean?

The phrase image optimization can have two meanings depending on the context. First, in terms of file compressions, optimization refers to the smart usage of the smallest size of the image in a specific and most appropriate format without losing its visual acceptability.

Secondly, from the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) standpoint, it refers to the act of preparing the images for the web to assist the various search engines in linking the keywords of the website with the images. Whenever the visitor searches for a specific keyword, relevant images to the search keyword will show up in image search results provided; the images are well optimized. If you want to learn some SEO secret, let's check this article.

How to Resize Images without losing quality?

5 Steps to optimize images from your website with Resize Images

👉🏽Choosing the appropriate format

There’s a need to understand all the different kinds of image formats that are available. Some of these formats are suitable for the web like JPEG, PNG, WEBP. However, each of these image file formats will handle the elements of an image differently and it will produce a different result regarding quality and file size. The first step in the process of image optimization is to choose the appropriate format for your image.

👉🏽Saving for the web use

If you are conversant with Gimp or Adobe Photoshop, you will notice that Photoshop has the option of saving images for the web instead of just saving the images on your computer. You can try Resizeimages tool if you are not Photoshop's friend. Saving for the web will optimize the image and allow you to save the bandwidth that would have been used in displaying the heavy image and the disk space on the server.

👉🏽Lossless Compression

Resizing images is one of the most common aspects of Web Design. Developer hardly gets the exact fit of images and graphics to use for their project. Thus, every designer working on a website or project that require online images has to resize one way or the other, but care must be taken here. You can resize image either scaling up or scaling down without losing quality.

👉🏽Use ALT Text

The ALT refers to an attribute in the <img /> tag, that allows web designers to give an alternate text that only displays if the image fails to load for whatever reason. ALT text was originally meant to aid people with visual impairment comprehend every content aside text on a website (images and videos). However, it is used as a technique to instruct search engines what the image stands for. You can use the ALT text to describe your images and use relevant keywords that will help you position your images better in search engines.

👉🏽Placement of the images

Since images play a very important role in how people perceive your site and how it performs in search results, it is important to tie up with a company that offers both web design as well as internet marketing services to their clients.

Though these are some of the important aspects of image optimization, there are other vital factors that we need to keep in mind while optimizing the images like

  • Keyword research,
  • Anchor text optimization,
  • File size optimization, etc.

Importance of Image Conversion

In the business world, entrepreneurs always look for ways to perfectly present the company’s information and facts to the public. The workforce in various companies seeks various methods to present the facts professionally. They prepare a different kind of documents to present press releases, newsletters, online content in the best possible way.

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