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Crop and Resize Images User's Guide


Images help to illustrate what we want to share

Images help us to show what we want to share: our products, our work, our photographies, our art, our personal life. That's why we create these resize Images User's Guide. Whether you’re a marketer who wants to boost his e-commerce or an artist who desires to show your creations to the world, you’ll probably choose images to do so. Online life nowadays is defined by an incredibly high amount of pictures and videos. Think of one website built without images. Sounds old-school, right?

The thing is that images also tend to weigh a lot and that’s a problem when you want to achieve a fast site. Besides, social media has recommended dimensions which may impact also on the algorithm. In resize images, we’re really aware of that and our goal is to help you. We resize images and compress images fast and for free. Our website is easy, friendly and responsive but we thought of making it even easier for you. So, ladies and gentlemen: a resize images user’s guide!

How does it work?

Drag and drop

You can either drag and drop from your desktop or choose to browse images. You can upload as many images as you wish, remembering that the maximum file size is 50MB and that each file should weigh a maximum of 10MB.

Resize Images User's Guide

Resize and/or crop images!


If you uploaded just one image, you can crop it manually. You just have to adjust the box around the section you want to preserve. Besides, you can try other functionalities, just as flipping (horizontally or vertically) or rotating. Also, you can choose a predetermined aspect ratio. For example, if you need an image for your Instagram, you can choose a square.

On the other hand, if you uploaded a batch of images, resize images will compress them automatically a little bit (about 15%) and after that, you can crop each image individually just as explained before.

Resize Images User's Guide


To resize images, you just have to select the dimensions you aim to achieve and then we’ll do the rest! We recommend you to keep always the original proportion in order to maintain the image and not distort the shapes - unless you are looking for that effect -. In case you’re a little lost regarding dimensions, we prepared a mini guide for you:

Social media dimensions

  • Facebook: Recommended size of 1,200 x 630 pixels.

  • Twitter: Recommended aspect ratio 16:9  (1024x512 px)

  • Instagram: Recommended aspect ratio 1:1 (Recommended size 1080x1080 px) & Recommended portrait (4:5) dimensions: 1080x1350 px.

  • Tumblr: Functions differently, it’s more customizable. In general terms, dash image sizes have a maximum of 1280x1920px.

You can check here more information regarding specific dimensions for social media and about internet ads’ dimensions here.

Resize Images User's Guide

Click done and apply changes

After you crop or resize your image, you just have to click done and voilà! There you have your compressed image. At this stage, you can choose advanced options such as WEBp format - if you don’t know what WEBp is, do yourself a favor and read about it - and activate the “keep color profile”.

Now you’re ready! You can download directly to your computer or send it over to a client, co-worker or friend.

Resize Images User's Guide

Which problems may I have?

The truth is that there aren’t a lot of downsides to this process. But as it happens all the time, better be safe than sorry. The only thing that may interfere in your compressing process is your internet speed. Make sure you have a good internet connection. If you don’t, you may face some problems uploading and processing your images.

Compressing your images is as easy as this!

We already established the importance of uploading and sharing compressed images. There are a lot of images online and if we want to make sure our website gets seen, for example, we need to be thorough with this kind of thing. But a compressed image means a sharp, high-quality image, that weighs less than the original. Read more about the art of compressing images here.

That’s why we created ResizeImages. You can reduce your image file size, maintain the quality and you can do it online and for free. There’s no need for plugins, apps, or anything. Also, you can make sure you resize efficiently your images in order to improve rendering time for the browser. And the best part: we also make sure that all the invisible data that gets ¨caught¨ in each image file is deleted - such as camera model, color profiles, GPS data -. Removing EXIF means reducing, even more, your file size and more privacy for you.

Feel free to try it out!

Tell us what do you think about this Crop and Resize Images User's Guide, or how we can help you!